Dashman “The Dash Effect” (Thurs. 6-8pm Est.)


I was born an raised in the Hunting Park section of North Philadelphia. I later grew up in the Badlands area of North Philly where I learned a lot about the streets, crime and poverty. I was tied up into the streets a lot but had a passion for music since the age of 12 and I knew that I had what it took to be as big as some of the artist I was inspired by. So I made a decision to change my ways an pursue a music career for myself. My career accomplishments are as follows : I toured with State Property music group in my earlier career years. I was affiliated with a record label stationed in Boston called Black Market, and during this time was offered two record deals, one from Universal Records an the other from Sony Records. Unfortunately I did not sign either deal because they just weren’t the right situations for me at the time. But that didn’t stop me from pushing, today I’m 7 mixtapes in an just released my first EP #FINANCIALFREEDOM on January 30,2016 and I’m proud to say it is doing very well to date. Rewinding a little bit, 3 years ago I decided I wanted to do something new. So I started a radio tv show called BUZZTIME LIVE on Exposurenation.com. The show was very popular an did very well, it was based on giving the underground hiphop scene a outlet to be seen an heard and to be able to promote what they had going on at the time. I taped about 30 shows on the network an later parted ways with Exposurenation to pursue other career opportunities. Fast forward now 3 years later today, I’m dabbing back on the radio scene as a host for my new radio show on the KNOWNRADIO NETWORK entitled (THE DASH EFFECT ) which will be on Thursday 6-8pm. The show will cater to interviewing and promoting upcoming talent such as rappers, singers, dancers, djs, artist, comedians, buissness owners, an more… So it’s official, if your looking to display an promote your talent, business, company etc, (THE DASH EFFECT) should be your next stop. The show will also have fun games, give-aways , and Philly/celebrity news