P & Benny Blanc “We Need to Know Show” (Mon. 8-10pm Est.)

Need to Know Show is your access to hottest underground music.  Urban hosts, Benny Blanc and P aka No Witness, discuss what’s going on in the world of hip hop.  Nothing is off limits.  Their perspectives on entertainment, pop culture, and social media buzz will make you stay tuned in.   Live interviews of local entrepreneurs, some up and coming artists, as well as artists you already know from the tai-state area will draw you in until you can’t help but to call in to speak your mind. This show will bring the realest music interviews on all topics etc…., and we are not politically correct we ask the questions others are scared to ask putting new artists in the spotlight, while sitting in the hot seat. So at anytime when things go down we need to know so tune into the show cause you might wanna know as well.